Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is how fast things happen...

last night my lesson transcended a few points... we went from Accountability to the Age of Accountability... to why we need God in the days of our Youth, to the Evil days... which bring us those great moral issues that we must be ready to answer at a moments notice.

Sometimes the answer to these issues is not clear. We have to know where we stand. We need something to stand on that we know is right. If only to get our bearings.

Love. that's always a good place to start.

But regardless... we have to be ready... you never know what's gonna happen. Or when.

Case and Point: last night i'm getting on the bus... to take the kids home... i walk out to open the door to the bus... look back at Zoe and say, "okay... c'mon", and as they start for the bus (looking like the beginning of a horse race)... i catch out of the corner of my eye--- Devon all over Joseph. something was definitely afoot.

Had to pull them aside and have a little talk. Anyone remember any of my examples i used last night??? this ringing a bell?

I appealed to their love. for each other. Hope that has an impact. but chances are they just started up again when they got home. I hope they didn't.

my point is: things like this will be on you before you know it.
be ready.

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