Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i got the devotional.
Mark 6:3

Carpenters use tools, right?

we'll talk about tools.

don't miss it.

more later.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunday Night's Sermon....

How Old Are U?
Where Do U Live?
What Do U Do 4 A Living?

More later... okay... its later

we all know the story of joseph... right??

Favorite son. Nice coat. Thrown in a pit. Sold into slavery. Good worker. Falsely accused of indecency… Thrown in to jail. Trustworthy prisoner. Interpreter of dreams. The man with the plan. Second in Command to Pharaoh. Saves family(including brothers who sold him into slavery).

At this point… joseph brings his father Jacob before pharaoh. And pharaoh asks Jacob a question…

How old are u? now I don’t know how he said it… but it’s the answer that is of more interest to this lesson…

The years of my sojourning ( or pilgrimage) are 130.

A pilgrimage is a long journey to a place that is better than where you came from. Like a sacred place.

now turn to Hebrews 11: 13-16. read it... i'll wait. .................................................................

do you see? if you ask someone how old they are... they're gonna answer with a number that denotes the number of years they've been alive. but that's not how old they are! Jacob knew that.

The years of my sojourning are 130. Jacob didn't see this world as his home. He was seeking another home. A heavenly one. He was a pilgrim... an exile.

No matter how old you are... you're a pilgrim if you're a disciple of Christ. A Christian is an exile from a better land... a sacred place that we are journeying back to.

its all a matter of the mind. how you live your life... is it the accumulation of money and praise of men your priority or is pleasing God? Is speaking in a discouraging way about others your way or is it speaking words of encouragement to or about others your way? Are you a servant or are you waiting to be served?

You see... it all has to do with the way you see your life. At the end of this life is the ... well, end of life. it'll be over... this life will be, anyway.

the way you see your life here has EVERYTHING to do with how you will live your life.
think about it...
in summary... How old are you?

Monday, June 15, 2009

happiness V. contentment

happiness is the quality or state of being happy.

contentment is being satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.

in a way, you can know that you are content when you can be happy for someone else even when you are not doing that good.

a friend of mine got a video game one time... it was called Metal Gear. this was years ago... and it was for the original nintendo. i had wanted that game since it came out. when he got it, he came over to show me he got it. i was so jealous.

i wasn't content. i was not content with the games i had.

perhaps i've neglected to dig deeper into one of the main areas of interest in this posting... Happiness. what is it to be happy?

I want you to tell me what it is to be happy.

we will be discussing this in class wednesday night.

Blog Note: Thanks to Dictionary.com for the definitions used above.

Monday, June 1, 2009

happy June from the Blog

just a note to let you all know, one more time, that we are here and ready to discuss life lessons and how we find and understand Christ in our lives.

this blog is a new resource for everyone... primarily for the youth, but with an older membership representation, we can show our support for each other.

so join up and lets get going.