Thursday, May 28, 2009

...And forgiveness for all

I had an auto accident today... i rear-ended another car.

But its okay... i'm with allstate... and that guy on the commercials said they have accident forgiveness. What is that?

I don't know. Now i have to find out.

however... if it is anywhere NEAR accurately named... its got roots in one of the most fundamental Christian concepts.

i told the lady this morning, "I've never caused a wreck... and i'm really sorry you had to the be the first person involved in me breaking that streak."

Last night in class... someone told me they were sorry several times. and even afterwards too. do i forgive? Yes. i forgive because of my understanding of the child.

It doesn't mean that the wrong committed doesn't affect you.

Many people were affected when i was at fault this morning. Even the cop that took the report. I might have interrupted his breakfast. I was late for work. i missed a few calls. I upset my pregnant wife when i stupidly called her and told her i'd been in a wreck.

Think about sin. And then think about God saying, i FORGIVE you.

but i don't really deserve it. all i did was ask for it, God...

I'll take care of the rest, God says.

how much more is there, i ask.

God points to Jesus. There's a lot more, He says.

Now i see the value of my forgiveness. I see its limitlessness. i understand how important it is.

and i see how without it, i'm condemned to Hell.

I saw that before, and i've heard it all my life... but sometimes life just seems to make you see things differently. i was thinking about class last night when i had my wreck. i thought about how i should have texted one of my kids back last night but forgot to because i got home and had to deal with my nephew who's got great grades, but he's being a bully to little kids at school.

Imagine that. another person who needs forgiveness for the wrongs he's done.

The only thing holding forgiveness back is the heart-felt desire to make it right. to change. to repent. The turning from that which makes you require forgiveness in the first place.

I don't ever want to have another wreck. NEVER. The one this morning was nothing. no damage except to my pride. Did i feel bad cause i caused a wreck and i'd lost my bragging rights? or did i feel bad cause i could have hurt someone?

When i threw a briddle on my emotions, i felt bad because i did not take the responsiblity, that driving a car is, as seriously as i always need to (which could have led to another person' s injury). i let my guard down. it could have been worse.

So... accident forgiveness... not sure what that entails, but i will soon.

But Forgiveness from the Lord... That's definately something i want on my policy. And as luck would have it... i'm covered.

If you'd like Forgiveness added to your Christian policy, ask for it by name.

Get on your knees.
bow your head.
And you'll be in good hands.

Therefore let it be known to you, brethren, that through Him forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you
ACTS 13:38

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  1. Forgiveness??? Thats something WE ALL need!! And everyone knows again that I am not the best person for this topic... so im not gonna say much about it....